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The Experience of over 50 years in Toilet and Air Care.
The transversal competencies acquired and consolidated thanks to an active and unceasing cooperation both internal and with our customers.

Simplicity in delegating the production of continuous Toilet Cleaning and Home Care Fragranced products.

The Certitude to trust to a company that take care only of YOUR interests focusing in supplying you products of outstanding quality.

The Convenience to live your experience with “no worries” thanks to our support, beginning to end of a GUARANTEED project.

You hit the target!

You can finally become part of the only Italian Company specialized in third-party Toilet & Air Care, which will help you to simplify and streamline of your product creation at the best, solving any problem related to the difficulty of the whole process management: from the market analysis to the product design and development.

Dear professional,
if you are reading this page is because you are looking for an expert supporting you in achieving your goals finding the perfect solution.

My name is Gian Luca Guenzi and I am the CEO of this Company.
Welcome to my world! Now follow me, I want to tell you our story.

Deoflor was born under a lucky star in 1961, the year of the first man in space. We were a small family company in whose management was involved the property in first-person. I perfectly remember those moments.
Since I was a child, I used to live in contact with machineries and laboratories, after the school I wanted to go in the office to play among the desks.
One of those offices today is mine.
Some of the people that today are still working here have seen me grow from a boy to a man, transferring their teachings and enriching me with their experiences. Today my task is to lead them indicating the route to follow to keep on achieving new goals together.

Since the beginning, our target was to create the right atmosphere in the homes all over the world, taking care of the cleaning and hygiene of a particular and lively space like the Toilet.

To reach this target we work every day to simplify and speed up the innovation and the manufacturing of Continuous Toilet Cleaning and Home Care Fragranced Products, creating a tailor made proposal oriented to the marginality of our Customers.

Over last year’s we have specialized in collecting and analysing the Market data offering our Customer the best consultancy to affect their international markets.

I keep on living the growth and the evolution of my company: our values have strengthen and shared among all the employees of Deoflor’s Family (you can meet them here after). I have the luck to have a Team coming to work with a smile on their face, the one you have when you are passionate and you love what you are doing. Because each one of them is more than a co-worker: is part of the family.


A great teamwork that involved us in defining what is important for us.


Meaning taking initiative and carrying out our activities taking care as a good family man.


The experience taught us that working together would let achieve great objectives that are perceived by Customers.


We are constantly committed in imagining, we are inspired, we plan, we realize, we excel ourselves.


We want that the things we realize are not only of good quality but also beautiful, we create projects that make a mark.


Any collaborator knows that it can count on procedures that aim to simplify his work. The simpler a job is, the more satisfied Customers are.


We respect and safeguard the information that our Customer entrust us considering them as one of the most precious secret.


We attentively take in consideration the impact of any decision we take about environment and organization.


This is our way of working.
We give value to relations and we work with enthusiasm to meet the targets.


We plan our activities to reach and achieve the goal in the scheduled timing.


We listen and collaborate in order to anticipate our partners' needs. We collect and develop everything we need to achieve the objective.


We take thoughtful risk to create something new. We speed up innovations by changing the order of things to capture quickly opportunities.

Sales & Marketing



Our plant is made of 22 production lines focused on the following capabilities:

  • Powder mixing (filling in bottles and sachets)
  • Hot and cold liquid mixing (filling in bottles and plastic containers)
  • Mixing and extrusion of solid blocks (hydro-soluble film and filling in containers/cages)
  • Filling of sachets and boxes
  • Mixing of EVA granules
  • Packaging (blistering, cases, clusters, outer cases).


We have a considerable warehouse capacity and a high automation level with an integrated system of Supply Chain Management able to connect and exchange information with all the warehouses where our products are stocked included our Supplier’s and Customer’s one.

  • Total area of 24.000 sq m (of which 14.000 covered, with potential expansion up to 3.000 sq m).
  • Warehouse capacity up to 6.000 pallets.
  • New loading bays layout: 1.400 sq m with 8 loading bays.
  • New automatized warehouse of about 4.200 pallet places (that can rise up to 20.000).


Our RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT LABORATORY can develop and finalize projects starting from an idea up to the production and offer to the Customer: OUR SUPPORT IS CEASELESS.

Our Laboratory Team experiences new solutions and performs tests on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products as well as on new developments and on existing products. Objective of this Team is the excellence achievement.

We use forefront technologies and facilities to create value through the study and constant analysis: equipment like the UV spectrophotometer, used for determining the coloring power, or the gas gascromatografo that measures the qualitative curves of the perfumes, are fundamental for our expertise development.

Our innovation competency is confirmed by the registration of our patents: 14 patents in the last 20 years.


Today the market moves rapidly and continuously, in particular for the products named FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These products are featured by a life cycle relatively short because of the consumers’ needs changes and their deterioration speediness.

This category also includes the Home Care Products that became in the last years a more and more lively sector lean forward to innovation, whose life cycle has been speeded up by the presence of different competitors worldwide:

  • The market for these products has become more varied and complex, including Private Label (first prices, mainstream, premium), Local Brand, Brand Leader products, with different levels of innovation, quality, price.
  • Only in-depth knowledge of markets and products can help the players to make winning choices for the present and the future.


We are specialized in the production of:

Continuous Toilet Cleaning:

  • Solid rimblocks (perfumed, coloring, bleach, maxi)
  • Liquid rimblocks
  • Intank blocks

Air Care:

  • Airfresheners for big spaces in gel, liquid and spray
  • Airfesheners for small spaces (sachets and scented plastics)
  • Odor Neutralizer for kitchen (fridge, dustbin)

More information on the labels of your products.

The strength and point of distinction in our sector is the

number of certification we achieved

What are these?
They represent our will to respect and pursue in minimal details all the international standards.

Our Quality System operates following the guidelines of control, safety, environment and ethics.

  1. Since 2003 we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 as a company we ask to certify that our products are manufactured in conformity with statutory and regulatory requirements.

  2. In 2012, as first Italian Company, we got IFS HPC certification whose objective is to certify the Safety and quality of the product and its supply chain: this certification deals with the risk management.

  3. In 2012 we have adopted an Ethical Code, controlled by an Accredited Certification Body: SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), a collection of good practices in the ethical control techniques.

  4. In 2013 we have obtained UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007
    The first certifies that the environmental impacts, derived by all the internal activities, are kept under control; the second one is related to the occupational health and safety management systems.

  5. In 2014 we obtained UNI CEI ISO 27001 certification. It is a management system of confidential information. We consider this as one of the most requested certification considering of fundamental importance to respect their will to keep the highest level of confidentiality on the information exchanged.

  6. In 2014 we have also joined the Responsible Care Programme: it is voluntary and related to the promotion of the Sustainable Development of the worldwide Chemical Industries.

  7. In 2015 we got the Certification of outstanding management for the Quality, Environment and Safety systems in conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e BS OHSAS 18001.

All certifications we got are the indication of our approach reliability to the process and the product, as well as an assurance for the Customers, the Consumers and for our collaborators.

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How to reach us

From Milan: A4 Motorway (direction Torino), exit Novara Est and take the freeway to Vercelli. At the end of the freeway follow the direction to Novara. At the first cross road turn right to Robbio / Confienza. As soon as you enter in Confienza, follow the road, Via Vespolate is on the left just after a small bridge.

From Turin: A4 Motorway (direction Milano), exit Santhià and go to Vercelli. Once entered in Vercelli follow to Novara; in Località Bivio Sesia turn right and follow the signs to Robbio /Confienza. As soon as you enter in Confienza, follow the road, Via Vespolate is on your right.

From Genoa: A26 Motorwat (direction Voltri-Sempione), exit Vercelli Est. Turn right (SS11), follow to Vercelli; in località Bivio Sesia turn left and follow the signs to Robbio /Confienza. As soon as you enter in Confienza, follow the road, Via Vespolate is on your right.